James Michael Tyler: 'Jennifer Aniston brought energy to Friends set'

James Michael Tyler: 'Jennifer Aniston brought energy to Friends set'

Jennifer Aniston was a "joy to work with" on the set of Friends, according to the hit show's extra-turned-regular James Michael Tyler.

The actor played barista Gunther, opposite Jennifer's Rachel Green on the hit NBC sitcom, which aired from 1994 to 2004.

Reflecting on their years together on the 25th anniversary of the show James tells Daily Mail Australia, Jennifer was a gem who always got the best out of people.

"She's such a consummate professional and a lovely, lovely human being," he said. "She's very tender, open and honest, down-to-earth and grounded. She embodied the character of Rachel so perfectly.

"It was just a joy to work with her, as a fellow actor. She was very professional on the set, always on time, always knew her lines and was also very generous as an actor."

James Michael had a great time playing Gunther, and although he "doesn't see a reason" to reboot the series, he would like to play the barista again: "I would definitely bleach my hair again and reprise Gunther, as I really did love that character."

The star's comments come shortly after he told Britain's Daily Star newspaper he hasn't seen Aniston in the 15 years since Friends wrapped.

"She lives in another city. I'm not going to go and hang outside her house and wait for her to come outside and say hello... It's nothing personal," he insisted.

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