Jameela Jamil slams comedian who jokes about her contracting coronavirus

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil hit out at comedian Michelle Collins after she sparked outrage with a cruel joke about The Good Place star contracting coronavirus.

The 34-year-old actress took offence when 38-year-old comic made reference to recent speculation that Jameela suffers from Munchausen syndrome - which causes sufferers to insist they are sick when they are not.

The British star took offence when Michelle cracked a joke about the coronavirus, which has seen more than 102,000 cases registered worldwide, with close to 3,500 fatalities.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Michelle posted: “Place your bets on who will be the first famous person to get Corona.” However, she then added: “Jameela doesn’t count.”

However, the jibe provoked a furious response from Jameela, who hit back: “May you never suffer from chronic illness. May you never wake up in pain and swollen every f**king day of your life.

"May you never struggle with an invisible disability. May you never be laughed at over it by people who have never met you.”

Refusing to back down, Michelle retorted, “I HAVE FINALLY MADE IT. Learn to LOL about yourself girl, it’s freeing,” as the actress fired back, “Congratulations on making fun of my chronic pain and illness. Big day for you.”

Michelle appeared to put an end to the spat, though, as she concluded: “I never even brought them (chronic pain and illness) up. But well done turning it back around, you’re truly a pro.”

Jameela frequently speaks about her multiple health issues, including car accidents, congenital hearing loss and labyrinthitis, hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and coeliac disease.

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