Jameela Jamil: 'I'm not interested in feeling beautiful'

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil has insisted she has no real interest in "feeling beautiful".

The Good Place actress opened up about body positivity during a chat with Entertainment Tonight for the publication's Unfiltered series, and admitted that, for her, societal expectations of physical beauty are not a concern.

"I don't ever really feel beautiful. Also, I'm not interested in feeling beautiful," she insisted. "I just like feeling like myself, which is normally when I'm lying in my boyfriend (James Blake's) arms. I'm not interested in beauty terribly.

"I like fashion and make-up and I like playing with colours and I used to paint and so I think I find that quite fun, but yeah, I never really feel beautiful. I prefer to feel funny or smart or happy."

Jameela, who founded the I WEIGH social media movement, which aims to inspire women to discuss the aspects of their lives they struggle with, added that she's keen to push boundaries and prove she's "capable of (living) outside of a man's dictation of my value".

"As women we're always told what we're capable of, which is not much, and that's why we're told we have to be so beautiful 'cause we have no other value," the 33-year-old reflected.

Jameela has battled her own body confidence issues in the past, previously revealing her battle with eating disorder anorexia and attempts at taking her own life.

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