Jamal Abdillah happy to get to see son Zaki Yamani

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14 Jun – After the previous misunderstanding between father and son, Jamal Abdillah recently revealed that all is well between him and his second son Zaki Yamani.

The legendary singer, who shared a photo of him meeting his son recently, stated that he is happy to be able to see Zaki after so long.

"Both of us were busy. He is only 16 and is still in school," he said.

Jamal said that he actually bought Zaki a new outfit and had kept it a long time.

"If he wants to wear it for a competition, that would be fine too, as long as he is happy. I hope that he is happy to see me too and knows that I love him," he added.

Zaki lives with mum Fatimatuzahra
Zaki lives with mum Fatimatuzahra

Jamal was full of praises for his son, saying that Zaki is a good student. But at the same time, he admitted that he is worried that the 16-year-old might be rebelling internally.

"But I hope he understands that a father's love remains the same, no matter what happens, be it the sky collapses or the earth splits in two. I will always be there. I hope he can accept that we are fated to have our lives this way," he added.

On the other hand, Zaki also took to social media to share a photo of him with Jamal, captioning, "My parent."

The two had a fall out earlier this year, after Zaki slammed Jamal's statement about being prevented from seeing his son, stating that the singer could meet him whenever he wants and that it was Jamal who didn't answer his texts and calls.

Jamal has five children; three with Zai Izzati whom he married in 2017
Jamal has five children; three with Zai Izzati whom he married in 2017

(Photo Source: Zai Izzati Instagram, Zaki Yamani Instagram)

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