Jam Hsiao's camp denies production problem

12 Oct - Jam Hsiao's manager Summer Lin has recently dismissed rumours that his movie, "Ping-Pong Brothers" has abruptly been halted following issues concerning the cast and lack of funding.

According to Apple Daily, it was previously rumoured that the filming had to be stopped and reshot after the production replaced some of the crew members, and changed the backdrop. It was also alleged that the production had to add more funds for the CG effects even though they are short of investors.

When asked about it, Jay Chou, who serves as the producer declined to say more than, "Ask the crew."

Speaking to the media about the issue recently, Summer stated that there is no casting or funding problem, and that the production only took a short break to adjust the script so that it could be better.

"DMG is very ambitious about the movie. Jay and Jam also want the movie to do well. Although we haven't shot new scenes, the crew are not sitting idly," she said.

Summer also shared that they will also be holding a meeting with the cast and crew, and will continue with the production once everything is ready.

(Photo Source: ltn.com.tw)