Jake Johnson jokingly calls out New Girl co-star for making him ‘feel old’

New Girl fans were left chuckling over an exchange between two of the show’s co-stars.

For seven seasons, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield appeared in the sitcom as Nick Miller and Winston Schmidt. They were first introduced in the show alongside Lamorne Morris’s Winston Bishop as roommates of Jess Day, played by Zooey Deschanel.

Both Johnson and Greenfield have remained friends in the years since the sitcom drew to an end, and a funny online interaction gave an insight into their friendship.

Earlier this week, Greenfield was set to attend a Beyoncé show and shared his outfit of choice on Instagram.

He wrote “This is what I’m wearing to the Beyoncé concert. Thoughts?” while sharing a photo that showed him wearing a hat promoting his new kids book, I Don’t Want to Read This Book.

However, Johnson, ignoring the hat, couldn’t help but focus on Greenfield’s grey stubble.

“Seeing you with gray facial hair makes me feel old,” he wrote, adding: “Maybe shave? Thank you.”

While New Girl fans were quick to step in to highlight this is exactly like something Nick would say in the show, Greenfield then replied: “I’m reporting this as bullying.”

One fan replied: “This post and these comments are giving New Girl vibes.” Another added: “Schmidt going grey is doesn’t make sense to me.”

Others were prompted to re-watch New Girl by the exchange, with a user replying: “That’s it. I’m watching New Girl again for the fifth time. All seasons. That’s right.”

Jake johnson and Max Greenfield’s interaction delighted ‘New Girl’ fans (Instagram)
Jake johnson and Max Greenfield’s interaction delighted ‘New Girl’ fans (Instagram)

Johnson recently returned to voice his Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse role for the sequel, titled Across the Spider-Verse, earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Greenfield has wrapped roles in two forthcoming comedy films: Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story, from Jerry Seinfeld, and First Time Female Director from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Chelsea Peretti.