Jacqueline Wong's drama to air due to lack of other suitable choices?

27 Aug – It looks like one of Jacqueline Wong's shelved dramas will be airing after all, if recent rumour is to be believed.

As reported on HK Entertainment News, sources recently revealed that there is a chance that the actress' previously shelved drama, "Finding Her Voice", may get a broadcasting date after all, following the situation that has been developing in the recent socio-political climate of Hong Kong.

It was reported that TVB is currently facing issues with some of its dramas that were supposedly scheduled to air in recent months. With the police force getting the bulk of the public's resentment due to the recent clashes with protesters, the company has decided to postpone the airing of its authority-centric and triad-themed shows like "Airport Strikers" and "Death by Zero".

With no suitable shows to air during this chaotic time in Hong Kong, many speculated that TVB may have no choice but to air Jacqueline's light-hearted family drama instead.

It is noted that the drama was previously rumoured to have been shelved following producer Wong Wai Sing's announcement that they will not be re-shooting scenes involving the actress due to technical issues.

Jacqueline was forced to go on hiatus back in April due to her scandalous affair with married singer Andy Hui, husband of singer Sammi Cheng. Her drama, "The Offliners", had since been taken off the airing schedule, while her scenes in "Forensic Heroes 4" were re-shot with Roxanne Tong as her replacement.