Jacqueline Wong a no-show at "Handmaidens United" promo event

23 Dec – Just as many predicted, Jacqueline Wong was a no-show during the promotional event of her new series, "Handmaidens United".

As reported on Mingpao, producer Au Yiu Hing, who spoke to the media at the first publicity event, shared that the team will not force her to appear in public to promote the drama.

"In my opinion, she should get some peace for now. There is no pressure on her anyway, so there is no need for her to attend these events. Let's just wait until she is ready," he added.

Au also stated that the cast and crew understand Jacqueline's situation and would not put any blame on her for her absence.

"Nobody is wrong. This is her personal issue. I do appreciate her effort in filming the drama," he added.

Co-star Tony Hung also echoed similar thoughts, saying that everything would depend on TVB's decision.

"Maybe the company feels that it's not yet appropriate for her to appear in public for now," he said.

He also dismisses the idea that the actress was to blame for the series' delay, saying that there were a lot of factors involved in the drama being postponed earlier. It is noted that the said series was postponed even before Jacqueline's scandal with married singer Andy Hui made headlines.

(Photo Source: Jacqueline Wong Instagram)