Jacqueline Wong may not join "Handmaidens United" promo events

19 Dec – TVB producer Au Yiu Hing recently stated that there is no plan yet to invite Jacqueline Wong to promote her upcoming series, "Handmaidens United" (previously known as "The Maid Alliance").

As reported on Mingpao, the producer, who spoke to the media about the controversial actress' recent return to Hong Kong, stated that the two parties have not started communication with each other since she arrived home and believes that Jacqueline may need more time for herself before returning to work.

"I think at this stage, she needs to calm down first and adjust her mood. As for the promotional events, we will have all the other actors from the series to participate in it for now," he said.

Au also believes that Jacqueline would not want to have her presence at these events to distract the media from the series itself.

"Their focus might be on her instead and it will only increase her stress," he added.

Nonetheless, the producer was full of praises for the actress, saying that both Jacqueline and her co-star Roxanne Tong did well in the drama.

"Handmaidens United" was originally scheduled for broadcast early this year, but was postponed temporarily, only to get shelved soon after following the scandal that had befallen Jacqueline and married singer Andy Hui in April.

The series is now set to air after the conclusion of Miriam Yeung's "Wonder Women".

(Photo Source: Mingpao)