Jacquelin Chong ties the knot at home

19 Mar – Jacquelin Chong has recently tied the knot with her Taiwanese boyfriend, Brian Yang.

As reported on Mingpao, the two held a simple wedding at home in Hong Kong on 15 March, attended by close friends and a small number of family members.

Meanwhile, their parents - both sides living in Malaysia and Taiwan respectively and weren't able to attend due to the outbreak of COVID-19 - witnessed their wedding through a video conference.

Jacquelin had since uploaded the entire process on social media, writing, "Thank you for your blessings. You can view the video. Congratulations Lisa on receiving the bouquet."

Speaking to the media about the wedding, the actress stated that nothing has changed since becoming Mrs. Yang.

"I will continue to work as an actress. I still can't go to Taiwan due to the pandemic, so it's the same as before," she added.

Jacquelin first announced her relationship with Brian in September last year. Last month, the actress confirmed that they were applying to register their marriage, and that Brian proposed to her on their Phuket trip a few months prior.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)