Jacky Wu will rectify daughter's cafe zoning issue

9 Feb – Taiwanese entertainer Jacky Wu has recently address the issue concerning his daughter Sandy Wu's coffee shop business, AMBI-CAFÉ in Luzhou, following reports that the shop has violated zoning laws.

According to Epoch Times, earlier, Sandy was reported to the authorities earlier for violating the regulations set by the Land and Development Bureau, when it was revealed that the cafe operates within an area of up to 500 sq. meters, despite the law determining that it should be below that.

In response to the issue, Jacky, who seemed annoyed by the issue, stated, "Yes, everything should be following the regulations before it can be considered okay. Yes, we will make sure we're following the rules, so it doesn't matter."

He also stated that they have two months to rectify the situation.

"We will ensure that it's all fine that no one will have anything else to say about it. We are used to living under the microscope, so we're going to make sure it's perfect," he added.

(Photo Source: China Times)