Jacky Cheung's old song removed from Chinese music sites

15 Apr – It was revealed that an old Jacky Cheung song has been removed from various Chinese music streaming sites, including Apple Music.

According to HKFP, the song, "Ren Jian Dao" or "The Path of Man", was taken out of streaming sites after a Chinese netizen noted online that the lyrics seemed to be referring to the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

The Chinese government has prohibited any mention of the 1989 massacre in the media, and has been doubling the efforts as this year marks the 30th anniversary of the event.

It is noted that the late James Wong, who penned the lyrics, did admit before that the song contained lines that refers to the 4 June tragedy. The song was used as the theme song for the film "A Chinese Ghost Story II", which was filmed in the same year.

This is not the first time that songs were quietly removed from Chinese music sites. Netizens previously discovered that songs from pro-democracy singer Anthony Wong and his band Tat Ming Pair were all removed except for one, "Do You Still Love Me?"

His fellow colleague Denise Ho was also missing from the list.

(Photo Source: Jacky Cheung Facebook)