Jackie Chan offers RMB 1 million for Coronavirus cure

6 Feb – Here's a little encouragement for all you scientists out there - Jackie Chan would reward you a million yuan if you can come up with a cure for the Novel Coronavirus.

As reported on Mingpao, the action star shared this idea of his on social media saying that he was touched seeing all the courage shown by everybody in the effort to battle the said epidemic - from donating masks, protective clothing, and sharing reminders and tips about combating the virus.

He then added, "Now I have a "naive" idea. If anyone, be it an individual or an institution, is able to develop an effective cure for the virus, I will reward them with RMB 1 million."

Jackie stated that it is not about the money, but that he hopes people will stop suffering and be able to enjoy their life again.

"I don't want to see empty streets when it should be busy, I don't want to see people who should have enjoyed life plagued with illness and death... I want to see spring blossoms, I want to see us Chinese excited and moving forward!," he added.

(Photo Source: Jackie Chan Instagram)