Jack Black shares his love for games, especially Red Dead Redemption 2, in brillant new Tenacious D song

 Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

Jack Black has shared his love for games, particularly Red Dead Redemption 2, in the latest Tenacious D song, the band's first new music in five years.

Between singing in Tenacious D and acting in all manner of Hollywood movies, Jack Black probably doesn't have a huge amount of time left in the day to play video games. Still, he's a big fan of the virtual pass time and wants the world to know it. So how does he do this? By belting out a banging tune about them that's guaranteed to be in your head for days.

The song, aptly named Video Games, starts out with Black crooning about how he doesn't play games anymore before quickly contradicting this by admitting that he's partial to a bit of God of War and Fallout 4 now and again. Yet one game that Black does seemingly spend a lot of time playing is Rockstar's wild west masterpiece Red Dead Redemption 2, which, according to him, isn't actually a game.

"It's an incredible journey through old American history, fighting for your life and fighting for your family," he sings, adding, "That's not a game at all. That's like f***ing Shakespeare."

The song's animated video is also a delight and shows Black, accompanied by his bandmate Kyle Gass, transformed into all manner of famous game characters, including Sonic, Link, Lara Croft, Kratos, and Mario. It all equates to 1 minute and 35 seconds of pure joy, and you can check it out below.

This is the second game-themed offering from Black in as many months. Back in April, he treated us to the musical number Peaches from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which sees him, as Bowser, profess his undying love for Princess Peach. It's an equally great track and is even eligible for Best Original Song consideration at the Oscars 2024.

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