Izzue Islam denies no longer being given lead roles

1 Sep - Izzue Islam has recently dismissed the notion that he is no longer an ideal leading man in both television and movies.

The actor, who hasn't been seen much in the lead in movies and dramas for the past year, stated that he still gets offers to play more significant roles but had to decline due to his busy schedule.

"Right now, I'm really busy with hosting offers and have to organise my schedule so that it doesn't conflict with other things," he said.

"As everyone knows, the filming period for the main character takes months and I have to give 100 percent commitment. So, if there is an offer to play the main character, I have to reject and choose to play a supporting role. There is no such thing as a plummeting career or anything," he added.

Izzue, who is married to his manager Nurin, stated that the two of them would always discuss and arrange their time properly when it comes to his career.

"God's blessings come in various ways. Even if I don't do main roles, I still get supporting roles, and that's a big blessing," he added.

Izzue's showbiz career is managed by wife Nurin
Izzue's showbiz career is managed by wife Nurin

(Photo Source: Izzue Islam Instagram)