Iza Calzado: Do not spread panic about COVID-19!

Heidi Hsia

12 Mar – Iza Calzado believes that everybody needs to calm down when it comes to the COVID-19 issue.

As reported on Push, the actress who spoke to the media at the pictorial for her new series, "Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin", stated that while it is important for one to be wary of the pandemic, one should never spread panic.

"If a person is sick, let's try not to be near them, kiss them or touch our face after being near them. But let's just be mindful. I think everybody just need to sleep better and be more mindful. Please don't panic," she said.

As for Calzado herself, the actress said that she will continue to seek ways to strengthen her immune system.

"Unfortunately, not everybody will have access to a vitamin drip. Not everybody will even be able to afford the vitamin C that can take as many. For me that's my personal antidote, just awareness," she said.

There are currently 33 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines.

(Photo Source: Iza Calzado Instagram)