Iza Calzado not in competition with Jodi Sta. Maria

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12 Aug – Although she is playing a love rival of Jodi Sta. Maria in their new series, "Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin", Iza Calzado stated that she doesn't see any rivalry in real life between her and her co-star.

As reported on Push, the actress who spoke about her second collaboration with Sta. Maria during the online conference of the said drama, stated that the two of them had a great teamwork instead of trying to outdo each other.

"If my plan was to try and be better than her, it will not be as effective. I am grateful that we are working with one another because there is nothing like that," she said.

It is noted that the two stars previously cooperated in the 2014 horror film, "Maria Leonora Teresa".

Calzado also added that the only competition she had was with her own self.

"I'm competing with myself and I always want to be better. I also have to be conscious about that and remind myself that it's something I need to address. I shouldn't always ask validation from the outside, I should also know when my work and I am enough... So in terms of competition, it was never a competition with another person. Surprisingly, it's just me with the pressure and that can happen. It's me trying to outdo myself," she said.