Ivy Chao responds to ex-hubby engaged to Gillian Chung

8 Feb – Blogger Ivy Chao is not taking the bait from some netizens who suddenly took interest in her views about ex-husband Michael Lai's engagement with singer Gillian Chung.

As reported on Mingpao, the Taiwanese blogger, who was married briefly to the gynaecologist, recently posted a long message on Instagram that many speculated to be about Michael and Gillian's engagement.

She wrote, "We spend a lot of time caring for people who have nothing to do with them, we spend a lot of anger on unworthy people, we talked a lot of stranger's gossip, we unconsciously become the negative energy producers in this world - participant and deliverer.

"I have always believed that every choice we make will affect ourselves or others in different forms. Whether it is themselves or their children, in this life or afterlife, happiness and sadness are cyclical in nature. If we want the people we love to be happy and safe, we must make a little effort to give happiness," she added.

On the other hand, Gillian recently revealed to the media that her fiancé is not fond of the media's nickname "the Sunny Wang of the medical world" that they gave him.

"You may agree that Sunny Wang is good-looking, but I think my fiancé is more handsome," she enthused.

(Photo source: Ivy Chao Instagram)