I've got a big mouth, says Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson insists she'll always speak her mind credit:Bang Showbiz
Beverly Johnson insists she'll always speak her mind credit:Bang Showbiz

Beverly Johnson thinks she has a "big mouth".

The 71-year-old star - who became the first black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue in 1974 - insists that she'll never remain silent about her successes or her failures.

Beverly told Vogue: "My scars and my mistakes and my learning process can be exposed in a way that’s not unapologetic, but also not sensationalised - because I’m too old to be sensationalised.

"This is my story, it’s totally true - as my daughter would say, a little bit too true. And as my brothers and sisters say, ‘Can’t you keep anything to yourself?’"

Beverly has learned a huge amount about herself through the course of her career.

And now, the model is simply "happy to be alive" at the age of 71.

She said: "My biggest lessons are in my huge mistakes. I’m happy to be alive; a lot of people didn’t make it."

Beverly recently revealed that she got hooked on cocaine during the 1970s, when she was attempting to slim down by eating two eggs and a bowl of ramen a week.

The model explained that she was encouraged by people within the fashion industry to look "chiselled to the bone".

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column, Beverly shared: "We were led to believe that cocaine was not addictive. We didn’t know cocaine was addictive. Everyone used drugs back in the day but that particular drug for models was used because we did not eat.

"I remember eating two eggs and a bowl of brown rice a week. I would be shaking in a cab, and I would say pull over because I have to get a bag of M and Ms.

"I would just stop and get the shakes. We did not eat, and every time you came to work they would say, ‘Yes! Chisel to the bone girl. Yes,’ like congratulating you. Nobody really told you the truth."