Ivana Alawi denies working as escort service

Heidi Hsia

13 Sep – Ivana Alawi has recently laughed off an ad from an escort service website claiming that she is working as an escort.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the "Sino Ang May Sala? Mea Culpa" actress recently shared the said ad from Manila Bookings on Facebook, which claimed that she can be booked for two hours for P4.7 million, and dismissed it as "Fake News".

"There have been several posts going around claiming you can book me for [two] hours at 4.7 million! What you guys are thinking is outrageous," she wrote.

Alawi also jokingly asked if the rate still subject to tax and a cut for the booking agency, or if it is already the nett amount.

The actress admitted that while she enjoys sharing sexy photos of herself, she has her own limits when it comes to the way she makes money.

"I earn my own money the right way," she added.

On the other hand, the said escort site had since written to the actress, saying that their website was hacked earlier.

However, Alawi is not one to be convinced with the excuse, asking, "Does their website get hacked weekly?"

(Photo Source: Ivana Alawi Instagram)