IU-Sunmi-Cheongha, Three Solo Female Singer Who Took Over The World Of Music

[by Hwang So-hee] With the endless number of k-pop group, there are stars who have gained lots of popularity as solo singer. Even though they are solo singers, they show great talent and stage control ability as much as k-pop group. Their constant refreshing look along with talent as singes make people’s eyes are ears happy.

They are the stars who are receiving lots of love as female solo singers in Korean Music Market where K-pop group is the main stream. Solo female singer who shows different charms; cute and sexy. What is their secret of their charm?

When you think of solo female singer star who take over the music award chart every time they come back, you think of IU, Sunmi and Cheongha. They have received great love from fans not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world as they gain respect as singers.

Singing, beauty and even fresh look as an actress; what is their secret of charm as multi-entertainer?

In order to show the different mood going through different concept, it is important to change their image. The commonality among IU, Sunmi and Cheongha is the sharp nose that plays vital role in defining one’s character. Nose plays the most important role in deciding the overall harmony of one’s face.

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You may make nose look sharper with makeup but it is hard to change the nose shape you are born with completely. Therefore, if you are one of those people stressing over nose shape or dreaming of pretty nose, surgery could be the solution.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic’s director Kim Seongsik (Plastic Surgeon) said “Since the nose is in the middle of one’s face, it affects a lot on overall image. If you are stressing over aquiline nose or other undesirable nose shape, it could be an answer for you talk to the specialist”  

Nose surgery’s method and type of prosthesis could vary by the shape of nose or size. Thus, it is important to visit the hospital that is known for performing great nose surgery and it is necessary to have one on one consultation with the specialist. Director Kim Seongsik advise “Nose surgery will take place depends on each individuals’ problem. It is important to fix their nose considering each individuals facial shape instead of unconditionally giving the sharp nose”

With its excellent track record in attracting foreign patients and gaining trust from them, JK Plastic Surgery Center, received award from Gangnam-gu. It has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis. Also it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and holds 20 years of medical accident free record by having excellent team work between skilled specialists. Also it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and holds 20 years of medical accident free record by having excellent team work between skilled specialists. Also, to consider inevitable emergency situation, they have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit to prioritize patients’ safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt News DB)

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