Items stolen from Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge are being sold for a fortune on eBay

Ben Arnold
Disneyland Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Visitors to Disneyland's long-awaited new Star Wars attraction, Galaxy's Edge, are pinching items and selling them for a fortune on eBay.

The sprawling new area, covering 14 acres in the north west corner of the park in Anaheim, California, opened at the end of last month.

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But already, 'memorabilia' that shouldn't be leaving the park is appearing for sale on auction sites, with Star Wars collectors already snapping it up.

A 'pilot assignment card' from the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run ride, which are handed out by park actors to riders who then operate different parts of the iconic ship, but are supposed to be handed back afterwards, has been listed for $400 – around £315.

Pilot assignment card from Galaxy's Edge (Credit: eBay)

Many other items are popping up on the auction site too.

Maps of the park for those lucky enough to have snagged tickets so far are up for grabs at the right price, as are bottles of water, beermats and glasses in which the galactic blue and green milk is served.

(Credit: eBay)

One of the round bottles of specially designed Coco-Cola will set you back £35.

Meanwhile, a metal spork from the Oga's Cantina, one of the attraction's restaurants, is currently being sold for £150 (plus postage).

A spork from Galaxy's Edge (Credit: eBay)

But according to the Orange County Register, staff are now being assigned to make sure that diners at Oga's Cantina aren't walking out with glasses, menus or, indeed, sporks, which are now

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Disneyland is yet to comment on the matter.