It'd Be a Bummer If You Overlooked Nordstrom's Cyber Monday Home Sales

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Photo credit: COURTESY

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Have you long been mentally prepared to turn that Thanksgiving turkey into the energy you need to strenuously scroll on your laptop for hours through the abundance of Cyber Monday deals to add to your cart while sipping on several cups of hot coffee? This is the annual dance, or chore, and you really should be on top of it. Because Nordstrom has set its 2021 Cyber Monday deals live to push you on that last-minute, heart-racing stampede down the digital aisles. So get into it.

There are quite a few reasons to shop Cyber Monday sales after Turkey Day. For one, be altruistic and check them out for gifting's sake; how embarrassing would it be to show up empty-ended to your dad’s (or even worse, dad-in-law’s) holiday party? For another, these Nordstrom discounts are seriously just so damn good if you’re specifically looking to ameliorate your crib this holiday season, via shiny new electronics, bedding and home décor, or kitchen essentials.

Hundreds of items are on sale, with markdowns that get up into 60 percent territory, so there’s got to be one thing in Nordstrom’s home section for you. I’m sure your pillowcase reeks enough to warrant an upgrade, no? How about a massage gun to treat yourself? Or at least snag some décor, like a throw pillow or weighted blanket. Oh, and the stainless steel cookware set your spouse has asked you to check out thousands of times—the one you keep forgetting about—is now 46 percent off, by the by. (Nordstrom's clothing deals aren't shabby at all, either.)

So take a good look at Esquire's picks for the best Nordstrom Cyber Monday home deals this year as you wait for the acid reflux from all that roasted meat to pass.

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