Italian chef explains how to cook pasta perfectly in less than two minutes

Lauren Clark
An Italian chef has revealed the perfect way to cook pasta [Image: Getty]

The most scientific pasta cooking gets for most people is to throw a string of spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks.

But an expert has revealed there’s no need to fret over whether it’s al dente when serving up the popular Italian dish.

Antonella Rana, a Verona-based pasta specialist and the daughter-in-law of famous pasta maker Giovanni Rana, has revealed that the formula for perfectly-cooked pasta is much simpler than you think.

Firstly, she has revealed that opting for fresh rather than dry pasta is always better – and will get your meal ready pronto.

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“Fresh pasta is the quickest. We’re talking about just two minutes,” she told Femail.

Rana recommended following the guide on the back of the pasta packet – but revealed her genius trick for ensuring it’s never overcooked.

“Trust the instructions on the bag, wait for big bubbles, then add salt, start the timer, check every two minutes, then drain and serve,” she explained.

“I personally love to drain the pasta 15 seconds before the full cooking time.

Knock 15 seconds off the time on the instructions to ensure you don’t overcook the pasta [Image: Pixabay]

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“If it’s written two minutes, I drain at 1:50 and in the very last 10 seconds I use a mixing bowl to mix the sauce in.

“This way you don’t overcook your pasta.”

However, the chef added that how ‘well-cooked’ you find your pasta is a matter of preference.

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In northern Italy she said they like it “softer”, while in the south of the country they make it “almost raw”.

Rana also advised adding just a “drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of Parmigiana Reggiano” to allow the flavour of the pasta to be enjoyed.

But if you want to add sauce, ensure it’s just a “small” spoonful.

We can’t wait to try this out on tonight’s spaghetti carbonara recipe.

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