Issa Rae Is in the Hot Seat for Cosmo’s New Series 'Cheap Shots'

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Issa Rae Plays a Round of Cosmo’s 'Cheap Shots'Hearst Owned

Here's a delightful bit of Wednesday news: Rap Sh!t and Insecure creator Issa Rae just sat down to play Cosmopolitan’s newest game, Cheap Shots, while promoting her new Prosecco, Viarae! In this series, the stakes are high and Issa had to choose between throwing a little shade (a “cheap shot”) or throwing one back (a very literal “cheap” shot). Between three rounds and five questions, it came down to her whether to sip...or spill.

You can catch the video above, but here's a TL;DR. In the first round, when faced between choosing which person's compliment meant more to her—Barack Obama's or Beyoncé’s—Issa had no problem answering (Beyoncé is basically her president).

Later on, she steered clear from revealing her hall pass and the role she thought she deserved but didn't get. That said, she had no problem throwing her stylist and glam team some friendly side-eye when she revealed her least favorite red carpet look.

The next round brought 30-second shots, where Issa had 30 seconds to answer questions about her career. Let's just say she didn't remember much...especially when it came to her four People’s Choice Awards nominations in 2020.

During the final round, she was faced with ranking her on-screen Insecure boyfriends from most to least dateable in real life, along with the best celebrity alcohol brands. Spoiler alert: She hasn’t tried 818. Sorry, Kendall Jenner.

Watch the full episode to see all the "cheap shots" Issa took—and didn’t take—and be sure to check out her new Prosecco, Viarae.

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