Islanders warned to be careful as high winds forecast

Tree fallen across a road
More than 70 trees fell across the island during the storm

High winds and rain could mean further risk to people and properties in Guernsey, the States has said.

It warned of a risk of "further tree fall, landslips and flying debris across the island, so islanders are advised to be vigilant".

An estimated 350 trees fell on Guernsey's road network from 20:00 GMT on Wednesday during Storm Ciarán, Traffic and Highways said on Saturday.

People are asked to avoid Le Guet over the weekend, where 14 trees came down.

Traffic and Highways said about 200 roads in total had been closed or significantly obstructed.

A spokesperson said by about midday on Saturday, there were "less than 15 neighbourhood roads blocked by trees, with the majority of these being cleared in the next few days".

In some instances, cranes will be required to carry out the work involved, they added.

Andy McCutcheon, principal environment services officer, said: "With the storm having passed, it would be easy to think that everything will just return back to normal straight away.

"However, there are still significant risks from the storm and upcoming high winds as people head outdoors this weekend.

"Wherever possible, for everyone's safety, we would strongly encourage people not to go to Le Guet this weekend or to use the cliff paths."

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