"Island Nation" denies being cancelled by Netflix

29 Nov – The production team of Taiwanese political drama, "Island Nation" has recently denied rumours that Netflix has decided to halt the series production due to the lacklustre reception to its first Taiwanese drama, "Nowhere Man".

As reported on Business Next, sources recently alleged that the streaming giant was unhappy with the unsatisfying result of its first Taiwanese drama that it has ordered for all the other projects to be stopped, including "Island Nation", which revolved around characters serving the President of Taiwan.

However, this had since been denied by the studio, saying that they were never in negotiation with Netflix in the first place.

"In fact, we never said that we would definitely broadcast on Netflix. We just expressed our "expectation" that it would be available on international platforms. We have been actively negotiating with various platforms since the beginning, but nothing has officially been finalised," said the studio

The studio also acknowledged the fact that the subject matter might be a little risky, and many broadcasters might be hesitant to purchase the rights.

(Photo Source: bnext)