Iskra Lawrence wants to keep baby as private as possible

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence doesn't want to share too much of her baby on social media.

The model and body positivity activist announced she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne back in November, and she regularly shares updates about her pregnancy with her followers on Instagram.

Although she is an avid social media user, the 29-year-old revealed during a video interview for Elle U.K. that she's planning to respect her baby's privacy because she's worried her child might resent her for oversharing when they're older.

"I'm constantly thinking right now, like, 'Oh, what am I going to do when my baby enters this world? And what will that look like?'" she told viewers. "Philip and I have come to the decision that we want to keep them as private as possible, just being very conscious. My biggest fear, honestly, is my child turning around when they're old enough to realise that their whole life has been shown online and be like, 'Why did you do that? I wish you hadn't'. I can't change that or ever get that back. Things last forever on there."

In the video, the British model, who is around seven months pregnant, took viewers through her morning routine, revealing that she repeats positive affirmations to herself and directly to her baby bump every day before getting out of bed and embarking on with her beauty rituals. She will only look at her phone after she has completed her routine and makes sure she deals with important emails and messages before logging onto social media.

"I have this create and consume ratio and I like to make sure I'm creating more than I'm consuming, Iskra said of her social media policy. "Actually, social media is a tool for connecting, educating, and just learning from one another and supporting one another."

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