Iskra Lawrence struggling to work out during pregnancy

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is finding it hard to exercise during her pregnancy.

Last month, the plus-size model took to Instagram to announce the exciting news that she's expecting her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne.

Iskra has been keeping her followers updated with her journey to impending motherhood ever since, and in response to questions from fans about how she has been adapting her exercise routine, the star candidly explained that she's been struggling to find the motivation and energy to get to the gym.

"Not gonna lie it's been hard. Because my body feels different, my energy is different and my priorities are different," the 29-year-old wrote alongside a series of images of her during a TRX Training workout class, when she was 16 weeks pregnant. "However, I've never been more aware of wanting to be in the best place wellness wise because I want baby P to have the best home possible. So, I've been taking it slow because as much as moving your body during pregnancy is important so is listening to when you need to rest and how your body feels day to day."

The model told her followers that she'd recently had "one of my best workouts yet" and promised to share videos of the pregnancy workout to help other expectant mothers.

"My body feels strong and alive and I felt super accomplished," Iskra added.

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