Iskra Lawrence slams troll who shames her over unedited picture

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence has slammed a troll who told her to retouch a picture on social media.

The plus-size model, who is an advocate of body positivity, announced earlier this month that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne.

She recently shared a throwback photo of her body at seven weeks of pregnancy on Instagram, showing herself wearing a blue bralette and grey underwear, and explained in the caption that she was trying to raise awareness of infertility.

"I'm well aware my constant posting about pregnancy may be triggering and I'm sending you so so much love," Iskra wrote. "I want to take this time to celebrate all women and their journeys and highlight the normalities of infertility and bring awareness to issues that affect 1 in 4 women - if you yourself haven't faced them, we are highly privileged."

While many of Iskra's fans were quick to support her positive post, one of the model's followers decided to comment on the positioning of her panties by writing, "I would have fixed the vag before posting."

The 29-year-old, who is known for unedited photos, immediately fired back, "It doesn't need 'fixing'. All my body parts are perfectly wonderful thanks and I refuse to retouch them."

"There's absolutely nothing to fix anywhere. Iskra is just beautiful," one fan commented, while another wrote: "What a disgusting thing to say on such a beautiful post."

In the caption, Iskra, who is four months pregnant, went on to urge her followers to open up to friends or family about infertility and miscarriage, in an effort to erase the "shame and stigma" surrounding the subject, and is working with pregnancy test firm First Response on a competition to give $10,000 (£7,776) worth of fertility treatment to one lucky couple.

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