Isaac, McAvoy top Sony’s wishlist for Bloodshot adaptation

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Now, this is something that requires a little bit of context. If you’re a comic fan of the 90s, you’ll be familiar with Valiant Comics (founded by former Marvel chief editor Jim Shooter) and its stable of characters: X-O Manowar, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Ninjak and more. Valiant was a trailblazer in comics back then, being a pioneer of the glow-in-the-dark/variant/gold foil/gimmicky covers that drove up the prices of individual issues.

Now, Sony Pictures has optioned many of its characters, with five movies in development for the Valiant Cinematic Universe. First up: the genetically enhanced assassin brought back from the dead, Bloodshot. Think of him as a kind of Wolverine-Robocop.


According to The Wrap, Sony has a wish list of eight actors they’re considering to play the role. Topping the list are Oscar Isaac of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and X-Men star James McAvoy. Other names on the list include Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicholas Hoult and Mark Wahlberg.

While Valiant Comics characters are a lot of fun, Sony may want to have a deep think about how it approaches the character of Bloodshot. For example – he’s the product of a top secret government project to develop a super soldier and has healing powers. Sound familiar at all? Also – the MCU notwithstanding, aren’t we all a tad sick of conventional comic book movies by now?

Nevertheless, we at Geek Crusade are looking forward to seeing the Valiant characters on the big screen. If nothing else, they’ll make a nice alternative to Marvel/DC.

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