Is Jinri Park's FHM cover too provocative?

Tagged as one of the country's top men's magazines, FHM has functioned as one of Pinoy pop culture's agents of provocation. It may have outdone itself with its August 2013 cover, which features Korean expat Jinri Park. The cover was shot by photographer Xander Angeles.

Cover girl profile

According to her biography on FHM's website, Jinri spent most of her childhood years in the Philippines. Her family moved to Cebu when she was just six years old. In fact, she says she feels more Filipino than Korean. Aside from modeling, 25-year-old Jinri is also DJ for radio station RX 93.1. Plus, as FHM added, she's also become an entrepreneur with her own buko shake business.

Intense reactions

On FHM's Facebook page, fans reacted with enthusiasm over Jinri's racy outfit. Needless to say most (if not all) of the men expressed their approval. Women, who had liked some past FHM covers (most notably the January 2013 cover featuring Marian Rivera), were not so keen about it. Perhaps, that's too be expected since Jinri's cover is so in-your-face.

Then again, Jinri, who's posed for countless racy photos, probably won't lose any sleep over that. It's a men's magazine, after all. So, as long as the men are happy, then all is well.

Yahoo! SHE Asks: What do you think of Jinri Park's FHM cover?

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