Irene Wan says marriage trouble is not that serious

17 Jul - Actress-producer Irene Wan recently clarified news about an impending divorce, saying that her marital woes are not as dire as it was made to be, according to Liberty Times.

The actress, who was revealed to have been living separately from husband Kenneth Ho for the last four months, was recently approached at the Hong Kong airport, where she denied that the two of them are going to get a divorce.

"It's not so serious. We're just taking time out to think clearly," she said.

Irene stated that she and her husband have been very busy with work, and that is why there is the lack of communication between them. However, she maintained that the problem is not too serious.

"At least we know what our problems are. I can't say what the issue is, but rest assured that we cherish each other," she said.

As to what she is doing at the airport, Irene said that she will be going abroad for work for a few days.

"It's good to leave Hong Kong for now," she said.

She also added that friends and family members have been showing full support to her since their separation made the news.

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