Irene Wan doesn't think she can produce "Lonely Fifteen" remake

29 Jun – Although her first film "Lonely Fifteen" helped her rise to stardom, Irene Wan recently admitted that she never thought about remaking the movie as a producer.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at the recent re-release of the movie, said that the film is too classic and would be hard to surpass by a new version.

"The girls were all newcomers at the time, and the producers made daring decisions, like shooting several scenes in secret," she said, giving the example of the scene where a character jumps in front of the MTR.

"If we were caught, we would have been driven away. But the result was amazing. The shots looked very realistic. It made over HKD 10 million from just a small budget and received a lot of awards buzz," she added.

When asked if she is still in contact with her fellow co-stars, Irene said that most of them went their own ways after the success of the film.

"I was shocked to find that one of the actresses, Yip Suen had joined a nunnery," she added.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)