Ireland Baldwin Nearly Gave Her Mom a Heart Attack When She Posted This Nude Photo on Instagram

Shannon Barbour
Photo credit: Noel Vasquez - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Ireland Baldwin just posted a nude photo on Instagram.
  • Her mom, Kim Basinger, flipped out when she thought it was a picture of her daughter.

It hasn't even been a full week since Ireland Baldwin posted the butt selfie heard ’round the world her family, but she's back to posting some NSFW content and causing her mom, Kim Basinger, to fully freak out in the process.

Over the weekend, Ireland took to IG to show everyone how she’s currently feeling. She shared a pic of a naked woman (who is definitely not even Ireland!) sleeping facedown on a fluffy bed. And she said it was a total "mood."

But her mom Kim definitely didn’t approve and lost any semblance of chill when she saw the picture. She commented on it, saying “What ??? What ???? Where ??? Where ??? Who ???? Who???n Your MOM .....😡” Okay, okay, point taken, mom!

Some jumped to Kim’s defense and were like, yeah, that is the proper response for a mom to have. But others blamed her for "raising" Ireland to do such thing. Ugh, Lady Gaga was truly on to something when she said social media can be the toilet of the internet sometimes.

After when the rest of Ireland's followers lost their collective minds in her comments section, she had to hop on to clear the air and say that it wasn’t even her in the photo. Actually, it’s a pic of late actress Romy Schneider.

Even though this wasn’t a pic of Ireland, she isn’t one to shy away from showing off her body. She did it with her belfie, she did it while on the back of a motorcycle, and she did it while hanging out in the wilderness. Her mantra: “This is who I am, take it or leave it.”

So, uh, Kim and the rest of her family better get used to it!

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