IQ vs EQ vs CQ vs SQ vs AQ: Why Your Child Must Focus On These Parameters Of Success

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The world has changed so dramatically in the last couple of years and so is the way we are seeing the future. Right from the way we learn, process and deliver, it all depends on how we can process our tangible and intangible qualities.

It’s not just about intelligence that matters to succeed in life. A 2018 World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report says these will be the skills employees will look for going forward.

But for tech companies like Facebook and Google, this has always been the norm. These companies famously do not mandate a college degree to secure a job.

Instead, potential employees need to have learning and problem-solving abilities that can make them adaptable to different processes and environments. Other companies are only catching up now to this phenomenon.

And to ensure kids are equipped with these competencies right from a young age, there is a certain range of ‘quotients’ that now go along with intelligence.

This includes Emotional Quotient (EQ), Spirituality Quotient (SQ), Adaptability Quotient (AQ) and Creativity Quotient (CQ). So, what exactly is IQ vs EQ vs SQ vs AQ?

We break down each one for your understanding.

1. Intelligence Quotient

iq vs eq vs sq
iq vs eq vs sq

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IQ has always been the gold standard to measure the intelligence of an individual since the 19th century.

Developed by German psychologist William Stern, it is calculated with the formula “ratio of mental age to chronological age times 100.”

Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein both had an IQ score of 160, which is said to be that of only two per cent of the global population.

Over the years, IQ has become a matter of pride. It’s been a constant parameter for academic assessment and hiring.

However, the changing times and requirements have also ensured that other quotients are being factored in as well before the hiring process is complete.

2. Emotional Quotient

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EQ is the ability to understand your own and the emotions of other people. It then forms as a guiding light in developing a thought process, behaviour and interpersonal relationships.

It started gaining prominence in the 1990s with American psychologists John D Mayer and Peter Salovey developing the framework for the same.

This was further championed by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence.

A person’s emotional intelligence isn’t predetermined like IQ. Instead, it can be acquired like a skill set. People who incorporate EQ in their lives are more empathetic and authentic.

They use a flexible communication style, which helps when coordinating with different people on the job. When you extend emotional availability to another person by being considerate, it helps make you more likeable as an individual.

Seniors are more likely to listen to your perspective and juniors will be more willing to follow orders. That’s the kind of respect a person with high EQ can command.

3. Spirituality Quotient

iq vs eq vs sq
iq vs eq vs sq

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SQ can be termed as the quality that helps determine the moral compass of an individual. While some channelise it through religion, others can use spirituality to attain self-confidence, ethics and inner wellbeing.

Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall’s 2001 book on Spirituality Quotient first created awareness on the subject and spoke about building a foundation of trust and happiness.

Over the years, organisations regard this as extremely important for a person’s individual success. People with high SQ are able to put public interests ahead of personal ambition, which makes them great team players.

It’s also a leadership quality that helps chart the direction and future of companies the world over.

Having a spirituality quotient will help individuals achieve three major aspects of life – happiness, responsibility and humility. In the IQ vs EQ vs SQ conversation, spirituality is turning to be a third prime quality.

4. Creativity Quotient

iq vs eq vs sq
iq vs eq vs sq

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You don’t have to be a bonafide artist to tap into your creative potential. The ability to think out of the box is what creativity is all about.

It’s your ability to be expressive, innovate, and learn something new. Creativity often comes from learning new things and also helps you acquire behavioural patterns and skills that will help you to solve problems.

Creativity can give birth to new business models in the corporate structure while helping you gain a new perspective towards different aspects of life.

In fact, a 2010 global CEO study by IBM concluded that creativity was the most crucial factor for future success.

Having a high CQ or consistently working on the same also helps us build our self-worth. And in order to achieve the same, you need to constantly be able to learn and grow and be open to new ideas.

Going forward, the IQ vs EQ vs SQ debate will be a larger part of how companies determine candidates.

5. Adaptability Quotient

IQ vs EQ vs SQ
IQ vs EQ vs SQ

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AQ has developed prominence in more recent years and is often related to the future.

It’s more to do with working in tandem with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which will change the way we work and live. In fact, the world is undergoing a paradigm shift right now.

Adaptability Quotient will become increasingly more important in the years to come and is the ability to adapt and thrive in constantly changing environments.

It helps prioritise things based on relevance, hurdles and real-time restrictions. It’s also a major factor in altering business strategies based on customer demands, market trends and technology.

An ever-evolving brand is more likely to stay relevant with customers than a heritage brand that lacks innovation. The idea then is to think ahead and prepare for changes that will be more frequent.


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