iPhone 15 Pro delays — here’s the latest delivery dates

 iphone 15 pro in four colors on blue background
iphone 15 pro in four colors on blue background

The iPhone 15's release is less than a week away, but if you're looking to get your hands on one of the high-end Pro or Pro Max models as soon as possible, you could be disappointed depending on where you shop.

If you've not placed your iPhone 15 order yet, and are wondering just when you can expect your new phone to arrive at your doorstep, we've collected the latest shipping data from Apple's own website along with other major suppliers like Best Buy and Verizon here.

As it stands, it looks like only a few versions of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max aren't on backorder until later in September or October. And you'll be waiting until at least November for certain Pro Max options at Apple and T-Mobile. For the widest variety of options available set to arrive on or close to release day, Best Buy's your best bet.

iPhone 15 delivery date: Apple Store

If you pre-order an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max from Apple, you're looking at a minimum two- to three-week wait, and perhaps as long as six weeks if you want one in a lighter color.

All versions of the iPhone 15 Pro in natural, blue and black show expected delivery dates between October 10 and 17, while the white options show between October 12 - 24 when ordering directly from Apple. The 256GB Pro in blue and black should arrive a little earlier, between October 3 - 5.

With the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you're looking at an estimated delivery date between October 17 - 24 if you're opting for one in blue or black. For all white and natural models, you'll have to wait until November at the earliest, with estimated delivery dates between November 7 -14.

You can get both the Pro and Pro Max models from other retailers much faster (see below). However, the advantage of ordering from Apple is that you have your choice of any storage option, color, or carrier and can add Apple Care Plus coverage when you order, something that other retailers don't always guarantee.

iPhone 15 delivery date: AT&T

Over at AT&T, the iPhone 15 Pro is estimated to arrive on September 22 if you buy the blue one. Certain storage configurations offered in other colors — 256GB and 1TB for natural and 128GB and 256GB for black — also show a launch day delivery.

For all other options, you're looking to wait until at least September 25. Though customers eyeing the 128GB and 512GB options in white have an even longer wait, with estimated delivery dates between October 9 - 23 at AT&T.

As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, all blue and white units are set to arrive between September 25 and October 9. While handsets with 1 TB storage in natural and black won't arrive until the last two weeks of October.

iPhone 15 delivery date: T-Mobile

Shipping dates for T-Mobile are very optimistic, with the majority of iPhone 15 Pros available for delivery on launch date. The one exception is the White Titanium option, which should arrive between October 4 - 10.

Things are a little less rosy for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but not overwhelmingly so. Only the Blue Titanium color option is set to arrive on September 22. If you're getting an iPhone 15 Pro Max in natural or black, you should see it show up at your doorstep between October 4 - 10. If you're getting it in white, your wait could be significantly longer: between October 11 and November 6 according to T-Mobile's current estimates.

iPhone 15 delivery date: Verizon

If you want to get an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max from Verizon close to launch day, I hope you like dark colors. All Pro units in blue and most in black (except for the lowest storage option) are estimated to arrive on September 22. The 128GB Black Titanium option looks set for a September 29 arrival date, along with the two lowest storage options in Natural Titanium. October 6 is the earliest you can expect the remaining natural and white options to arrive.

As for the Pro Max, only the Blue Titanium option with 1TB of storage is expected to land on September 22. September 29 is the earliest delivery date for the rest of the blue models as well as the 512GB option in black. Verizon has expected delivery dates for all other iPhone 15 Pro Max units between October 6 and October 13.

iPhone 15 delivery date: Best Buy

For the shortest waiting period, Best Buy easily takes home the crown. All blue, natural and black iPhone 15 Pro units are expected to arrive on launch day. If you're getting one in white, you'll have to wait until September 26 for the 512GB and 1TB models.

Strangely, the 128GB Pro in white still shows as not being available for pre-order on Best Buy's site. The same is true for all storage options for the white iPhone 15 Pro Max. Speaking of the Pro Max, the blue and black models are set to arrive on September 22, but only in the lower storage options. Best Buy's estimated delivery date for the 1TB Pro Max in those colors is September 26. If you're eyeing the Natural Titanium option, the 128GB Pro and 256 Pro have an estimated delivery of September 26 as well, with the 1TB version set to arrive on September 29.

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