iOS 17 Rumours And watchOS 10 Leaks: Here’s What We Can Expect From Apple

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ios 17 rumours
ios 17 rumours

The iOS 17 rumours and leaks are neverending, especially with Apple WWDC 2023 just around the corner. In fact, there are already a lot of interesting things we know about Apple’s new software update. Compared to last year’s iOS 16, it is rumoured that Apple could focus mostly on ‘under-the-hood’ improvements for iOS 17, with few cosmetic upgrades. However, this year’s iPhone 14 range as well as the older models are getting substantial changes that could be enough to pull more users from the Android universe. Not just the iPhone, if the watchOS 10 leaks are anything to go by, even the Apple Watch is getting some big upgrades

Recently, rumours about Apple products have focused on the mystical Apple VR headset that is being unveiled at Apple WWDC 2023, with little focus on other devices. However, as we get closer to the Apple event, we are getting to know a lot more about iOS 17 and watchOS 10. Sadly, none of the leaks and rumours have revealed anything related to the iPhone 15 and the next-generation Apple Watch models.

iOS 17 rumours hint at smart changes to the iPhone

Even though Apple is yet to reveal anything officially, some new updates from tipster analyst941 give us more reasons to be excited about this upcoming iOS 17 update. As the iOS 16 update was considered to be a rocky start to a customisation-focused era of the iPhone, it looks like iOS 17 will simply bring refinements on top. Some of the earliest known changes are coming to the Wallet app, Health app and the Wallpaper interface.

  • The most visible change to iOS 17 comes in the Wallpaper picker interface. Users will now be able to see up to nine wallpaper themes in a grid view. You can either delete one of them or rearrange them. From the lock screen, users will also be able to share their wallpaper theme with other iPhone users.

  • The Health app will get a revamped Favourites section, arranged in a grid of individual cards, all of which could feature graphs to display all of your health stats.

  • The Wallet app will also get a new categorised tab for everything, including an ‘All Transactions’ button.


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What will be iOS 17’s release date?

Even though the iOS 17 leaks and rumours haven’t revealed anything about its release date, we expect Apple to follow its own norm. As such, iOS 17 could debut on the iPhone 15 series sometime in late September, followed by a global release for older supported iPhones in the days to follow.

watchOS 10 rumours and leaks hint at spicing things up for the Apple Watch

iOS 17 rumours
Representative Image / Source: Courtesy Apple

In a report from Bloomberg, we also get to know a lot more about the watchOS 10 update; touted to be the biggest Apple Watch update in years. The watchOS 10 update will introduce a major interface design change – the reintroduction of widgets and Glances. Similar to the Siri watch face, the new watchOS 10 update will let users scroll through app widgets to gain a quick glance at crucial information. It is said that users won’t need to open the apps anymore to get a full insight into the data.

The interface will be a combination of the Widgets page as well as Widgets stacks from iOS 14. Hence, you will be able to go through basic information from apps such as Activity, Appointments, Calendar, Weather, Stocks and more. The crown button on Apple Watches may also be designated to open the widgets page instead of the App tray.

Since these leaks come from Mark Gurman, who has a long and reliable history of Apple leaks, we can vouch for their credibility. Gurman also goes on to assure that the 2023 Apple Watch models won’t be too different from the 2022 models.

(Hero and feature image credits: Courtesy Apple)