INTERVIEW: Honne is open to a collaboration with Rose of Blackpink

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
Honne. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

SINGAPORE – British electronic music duo Honne always receives warm reception when in Asia, that they’ve been touring around the region numerous times since 2017. Consisting of band members James Clutterbuck and Andy Hatcher, the duo made waves with hit singles like “Warm On A Cold Night,”, “Day 1” and “Location Unknown.”

As part of Neon Lights Festival 2019, Honne returned to Singapore, where they played on Saturday (24 November) for their adoring fans. The crowd gamely sang along to singles from their latest album Love Me/Love Me Not, as well as fan-favourite “Someone That Loves You”, “Me and You” and of course, “Warm On A Cold Night.”


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But as much as Honne loves to tour, they do miss family back home too. Clutterbuck, who’s recently married, gushes about missing his wife, and so did Hatcher, who shared with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore: “It was my nephew’s second birthday yesterday (23 November) and so I wasn’t at the birthday party, which was going to be a big, big event. So those are the kind of things that are hard.”

Noting their collaboration with BTS’ RM, we were curious to know if the duo has been reaching out to other K-Pop acts for a collaboration. Hatcher shared that fans have been rallying the duo to create music with Rosé of Blackpink and they’re open to the idea: “We get messages everyday saying, do something with Rosé of Blackpink.”

Well fans, it’s all up to you now, to get Rosé’s attention.

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