The internet is loving this £18.99 electric scrubbing brush right now

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You need this £19 TikTok-approved scrubbing brushLakeland

We're always on the lookout for little hacks to make cleaning our home a smoother process, whether that's finding the best vacuum for banishing dog hair from the sofa, or the right products to achieve a sparkling sink. That's why the Sonic Scrubber, a clever cleaning brush beloved by cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch, should be on your radar. Best of all? It's only £18.99!

What is the Sonic Scrubber?

The Sonic Scrubber is essentially a large electric toothbrush for your home. It uses an oscillating sonic action that moves 10,000 times a minute to blast through dirt and grime without the associated elbow grease.

@mrshinchhome /Instagram

The plucky little cleaning brush is much loved on social media. Sophie Hinchliffe, aka the queen of clean herself, often shows off its prowess at tackling grimy taps, bathroom grouting and even the washing machine, on her Instagram.

It's also racked up over 8.8 million views on TikTok, where a quick scroll through the #SonicScrubber tag shows people using it to clean a real wealth of items, from grotty trainers to the car to bathroom tiles – and the toaster!

Indeed, despite nearly a decade on the market, retailer Lakeland has reported an 84% increase in sales this year to date – along with nearly 200 five-star reviews.

What comes included with the Sonic Scrubber?

The brush comes with a charger and four heads (including angled ones for getting into tricky spots and corners) allowing for use for the vast majority of fiddly cleaning tasks – be it soap scum around the plughole, greying grouting or just a quick spot-clean on a sofa cushion.

At under £20, we think this is a super-easy and inexpensive way to get those awkward nooks and crannies in your home spotless, sans elbow grease. Replacement heads are available separately, too.

Ready to see what all the hype is about? Pick up a Sonic Scrubber from Lakeland here.

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