The Internet Is Freaking Out About How This TikToker Got Her "Dream Couch" For Free

tiktok roche bobois couch
One TikToker Found Her "Dream Couch" on the StreetTikTok @yafavv.mandaa

Picture this: You're running errands when you spot the perfect couch on a random street. (Furniture fate, right?) That's exactly how TikToker Amanda Joy must've felt when she spotted a bright blue Roche Bobois Bubble sofa one rainy afternoon. The curvy couch typically costs over $8,000, but since it was up for grabs, Joy could upgrade her home for free. All she needed to do, she decided, was deep-clean the couch and physically move it into her home, which she did with the help of her family and boyfriend.

While we'd all love to get our dream couch for free—and let's be honest: It looks amazing in Joy's apartment—the internet is a little hesitant about this street find. (And when we say hesitant, we mean seriously questioning the couch's hygiene.) "It looks so good but I’m SO SCARED about it being BED BUG CENTRAL," one follower wrote. "No one throws away a $8k couch for no reason," another TikToker wrote. "Something happened on that couch or somethings living in it." (And you better believe Twitter is living for this commotion, with many users poking fun at the street find.)

Though Joy and her inner circle vacuumed and scrubbed down the couch before putting it in her apartment, another commenter recommend hiring a pro to do the heavy lifting: "Spend $500 and get it professionally cleaned." (They're not wrong. Not only can a professional clean give you some peace of mind, but an expert might be able to spot signs of bigger, buggier problems.)

The million-dollar question: What would you do here? Would you take the couch fate put in your path (via some stranger dropping it on the sidewalk)? Or would you concerned about bed bugs, stains, and what happened on that couch before it came into your life? Let us know what you think!

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