Our favourite Genshin Impact friendships, in time for International Friendship Day!

International Friendship Day is here!

It's that time to send some love to our friends and appreciating our bonds. To celebrate, we’ll be listing some of our favourite friendships which can be found in the hit game Genshin Impact.

Mona and Fischl

Fischl and Mona in Genshin Impact. (Photos: HoYoverse)
Fischl and Mona in Genshin Impact. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact veterans were lucky to witness the friendship between the unlikely duo of Fischl and Mona blossom during the 'Unreconciled Stars' event in version 1.1.

After which, we find out that they still keep in close contact with each other. And although Mona tends to be a no nonsense astrologist, she (begrudgingly) keeps up with Fischl’s “roleplay”, and is dubbed as the “official” court astrologist of the Immernachtreich.

Beyond the roleplay, Fischl and Mona deeply care for each other, during the 'Summer Fantasia' event of version 2.8, Mona is the one comforting Fischl as she was struggling with herself.

And Fischl even states that when Mona needs to tighten her belt because of a lack of budget, she invites her over for dinner with her parents (and it seems to be a very common occurrence).

Yun Jin and Xinyan

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

You might find it weird that Yun Jin, a celebrated opera troupe director and performer, is friends with the fiery punk rocker Xinyan. However, it’s actually one of the sweetest friendships in Genshin Impact.

The two seemingly polar opposites share a love for all things music, and tend to watch each other when they are performing.

If you recall the performance Yun Jin made at the newly-rebuilt Jade Chamber (which she wrote inspired by Shenhe’s story), Xinyan was there to support her.

They’re technically best friends. And what makes their friendship amazing is how they unconditionally support each other, even if they’re pursuing opposite paths in music.

Amber and Eula

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

Amber and Eula’s friendship is very sweet and comforting. As Amber’s sunny disposition tends to melt Eula’s freezing cold exterior that keeps other people apprehensive of her (and well, there’s her family history to think about, too).

Amber was the only one to approach Eula first when people in an uproar over her being accepted into the Knights of Favonius, and the kindness that Amber showed Eula was something our frosty vengeance seeker could never forget.

Compared to how Eula treats other people, you can definitely see her softer side when she’s with Amber, and is very concerned for her during times of trouble.

Who could forget that time Eula (very elegantly) saved Amber from that avalanche during version 2.3’s 'Shadows Amidst Snowstorms' event?

Xingqiu and Chongyun

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

The duo of Xingqiu and Chongyun is nothing short of iconic. Being one of the first friendships introduced in Genshin Impact, their relationship is mischievous and fun and is also linked with a bigger friend group that also includes Xiangling and Hu Tao.

Xingqiu tends to mess around with Chongyun, making him eat spicy food (made by Xiangling) or tricking him about places that need to be “exorcised”.

But even if Xingqiu is like that to Chongyun, they’re a pretty tight-knit pair who are rarely seen without the other when Chongyun is back in Liyue from his exorcism runs.

The recent rerun of the Lantern Rite in version 2.4’s 'Fleeting Colors in Flight' notably featured Xingqiu and Chongyun touring around Qingce Village when we end up running into them with Keqing.

Bennett and Razor

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

On a personal note, this friendship is my favourite.

The two met each other during an unfortunate mishap during the first Windblume festival in version 1.4’s 'Invitation of Windblume' event, and have become fast friends who enjoy each other’s company.

Razor considers Bennett a part of his “Lupical”, or family, and spends time teaching him how to communicate with wolves.

Bennett, on the other hand, shares his love of meat with Razor, and tends to cook for him when they are together.

Razor, who appreciates it, doesn’t get full, though, and maybe we can attribute this to Bennett’s notorious unluckiness.

It is also hinted that the pair go on adventures together through the Adventurer’s Guild, which might mean that Benny’s Adventure Team finally has another permanent member besides Bennett himself.

Doesn’t that just make your heart melt?

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