Interior RTW Spring 2024

Interior designers Lily Miesmer and Jack Miner looked to classic ‘80s films for their spring collection to create a range of masculine and feminine styles that leveraged their signature undone design aesthetic and balanced it with tailored pieces.

“We love movies and we love pop culture,” Miesmer said. “We’re always going to be referencing things that feel in a way low-hanging fruit culturally, so this season it’s imagining James Spader’s girlfriend in any one of those canonical ‘80s movies where James Spader is the villain and not nice to Molly Ringwald because she’s poor. It’s like what his mean bitchy girlfriend is wearing and who she is.”

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Miesmer explained the collection offered what this character would have in her own wardrobe. The collection started with her “goody-goody crisp coming-out whites,” which were a balance of masculine and feminine styles such as a zipper-detailed, fitted dress shirt paired with a mini bubble skirt.

The collection then went into a darker color palette of brown, black and burgundy, signifying the character’s “emo phase.” These pieces embodied Interior’s moody, feminine aesthetic with maxi draped dresses, lace detailed skirts and leather separates, which were cut to resemble denim.

“It’s never about creating the most literal expression of femininity,” Miesmer said. “It’s more like infusing a little bit of a wink into the clothes, and I think it’s still so Interior. It’s slouchy, it’s undone, it’s a little bit unexpected, but at the same time, it has this ‘80s color palette and ‘80s textures.”

One of the collection’s standout looks was the “prom dress,” a cream-hued maxi lace dress with a drop waist. The dress embodied a timeless spirit, making it fit for a prom queen and a client in her 30s or 40s.

The collection as a whole showed the designers’ ability to strike an exciting balance of masculine and feminine aesthetics to create timeless pieces that felt fresh and modern.

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