Intensive fitness gets an online marathon

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L'entreprise de fitness STRONG Nation propose le 24 avril prochain un marathon sportif de 12h sans interruption.

HIIT will feature prominently in the "Stronger Together" online event on April 24. High intensity sports classes will be streamed live on the STRONG Nation website.

Work out to the rhythm of music as a giant connected community. The fitness company STRONG Nation is offering a 12-hour non-stop sports marathon on April 24. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes will be in the spotlight. This practice is known for helping maintain one's figure and gain muscle but also for its intensity, burning a maximum of calories. Organized online, the event called "Stronger Together" offers Hiit classes between 7 am and 7 pm EDT. Famous coaches will be present at the beginning of the event such as Ai Lee Syarief and Michelle Lewin, described as one of the top fitness influencers in the world, who will make three appearances. At the beginning of each hour, a new coach will take over.

High intensity interval training

Intensity and short recovery time are the key words of this form of workout. Composed of a series of exercises that push the participant to the limits of their maximum intensity. The benefits of this practice are based on the "afterburn effect," meaning the burning of calories after the session due to the intense effort and the lack of oxygen that the session generates.

With this workout, "the world's largest fitness company" hopes to bring the whole world together to get stronger and relieve tension.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Louis Tardy