An Intense Desire Is the Foundation of Success

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A young man once asked Socrates about the secret of success. Socrates calmly heard the man's query and instructed him to meet near the river the following morning for the explanation. As they walked into the river, Socrates ducked him into the water. The young man fought to get out of the water, but Socrates stood firm and kept him there until he turned blue. 'What did you want the most when your head was in the water?' Socrates questioned as he brought the man's head out of the water. "Air," said the young man. That, he replied, is the key to success.

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One would definitely achieve success if they desire it as much as the young man desired air when in the waters. Mani Manavalan, an IT specialist of Indian origin who integrates an impressive grasp of the competitive landscape with a deep technological expertise to promote and support future-oriented initiatives that set organizations apart and drive real business impact, is one such dedicated and devoted visionary leader at the forefront of innovation in the Information Technology domain who personifies indefatigability.

Mani brings over 13 years of technical expertise and diverse professional experience to the task of building bespoke solutions and developing high-quality integration and API solutions for clients all over the world. ​He has extensive API architecture, infrastructure procurement, and API lifecycle management experience. He is currently working as a Senior Manager - Digital Practice at Capgemini America. He is a Senior API & Integration Architect who specializes in assisting clients with digital transformation through the use of API-first strategies and leading API management platforms. He is in charge of assisting clients with their digital transformations by employing API management technologies (APIGEE, SAG Gateway, IBM APIConnect, Azure API), as well as implementing Dev-Ops using Chef, Maven, Docker, and MS TFS. He works as a technical architect, where he is responsible for designing and developing scalable, highly available integrations that are in line with current industry trends.

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As an expert professional in several areas of business, he has collaborated on dynamic challenges with prominent corporate executives, which has also proven beneficial in authoring Research Publications. This expertise not only aided him in creating independent academic publications, but also enabled him to have a positive impact and make significant contributions to the several articles he co-authored with other skilled and experienced business leaders. This collaboration of valuable information and experience has resulted in high-quality academic articles and effective solutions to unique challenges in several fields.

Born and raised in the village of Sengal, in Karur, Tamil Nadu, Mani hails from a close-knit family of four, comprising of his father, Manavalan, who is a truck driver, his mother, Menaka, who is a homemaker, and an elder sister, Kalpana. Mani has always been a keen, hardworking student with a strong knack for math and science. His inquisitiveness led him to question everything, right from the internal mechanisms of a computer hard drive to how the universe worked. This unique combination of skills, talent and strong focus assisted him to become the topper of his school when he graduated from the Government Higher Secondary School, Karur in the academic session 2003-04. He performed so well in school that not only did he receive awards from educational trusts in Karur but also earned a space in the ‘Daily Thandi,' a leading newspaper in the Tamil Nadu region, featuring him in an article appreciating his outstanding academic success. His strong interest in science and technology inspired his decision to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering at the RVS College of Engineering and Technology in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, where he earned a distinction for his efforts!

Fresh out of college, Mani began his career as a software engineer with an early start-up called Lucid Software Ltd in Chennai. This was a very enriching experience for him, as he worked in an extremely dynamic environment at a startup, collaborating with seasoned professionals who helped him gain valuable industry insights, making him even more competent and skilled. However, his first breakthrough came in 2010 when he got the opportunity to join Accenture where he went on to work for one of the world's top multinational oil and gas companies. He later moved to LTI (Larsen and Toubro Infotech, as it was previously known in 2012), where he began to work globally, alternating between Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and the United States. He also worked with a Swedish state-owned utility and he successfully completed several projects using middleware tools as a technical lead and Project Manager. Later, he moved to Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Technology Architect.

Mani is a cultivator of innovations in the IT industry and loves to share his knowledge with the community. He has published several research papers in well-known and renowned journals such as ABC Journal of Advanced Research, International Journal of Reciprocal Symmetry and Physical Sciences, etc. In his article “A Single Long Short-Term Memory Network Can Predict Rainfall-Runoff at Multiple Timescales”, he proposes a pair of Multi-Time Scale LSTM or MTS-LSTM frameworks for forecasting a multiplicity of timescales in a single model.

Mani has a phenomenal potential to identify challenges and an enormous set of strategies to overcome them by creating high impact solutions, with broad experience in several middleware technologies and remarkable research expertise encompassing areas such as AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and several others.

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