All the Intel on Shanae Ankney , The Bachelor's Alleged New "Villain"

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The Bachelorette literally JUST started airing and is already w-i-l-d thanks to a producer plant dude named Ryan, but fun update: we already know that Michelle Young's contestant Clayton Echard has been cast as ABC's new Bachelor. And he's in the midst of filming, which means we have a ton of spoilers—including intel on who the "villain" of the season is. Or, more accurately, the person ABC is giving a villain edit to, who is probably a totally nice person IRL.

According to Reality Steve, Shanae Ankney is "this season's villain," which means she'll likely get a lot of screen time during Clayton's upcoming season. So yes, the time has come to get to know Shanae better. Just FYI that ABC is keeping details on the cast pretty hush-hush at this point (like, they haven't even *technically* announced Clayton as the Bachelor). But if there's one thing Bachelor Nation is good at, it's sleuthing, so we'll be sharing more intel as fans discover it. 'Til then, here's everything we know about Shanae.

Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC

She's Around the Same Age as Clayton

A slightly random fact, but contestants of various ages have been cast on Clayton's season—from as young as 23 to as "old" as 33. Clayton is 28 and Shanae is 29, so they are right around the same age/in the same ~life phase~.

She's From Sycamore, Ohio

Shanae is one of several contestants from Ohio, including Kara G. and Samantha J. If she makes it to Hometown Dates (and that's a big "if" considering she's getting a potential villain edit), we'll presumably see her and Clayton travel there together.

She's Private on Instagram

But definitely keep an eye on her account @shanae.a, because chances are she'll go public on Insta once Michelle's season is over. (Note: ABC is known to ask contestants to go private once they are cast on the show, probably to avoid this).

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

She's a Director of Recruiting

According to what appears to be her LinkedIn, Shanae works for

"I have been with for five years, and recently began my position as Director of Recruiting," she writes. "I have past experience in administrative assistance with a neurosurgeon at The Ohio State University. I am also a licensed cosmetologist. I enjoy any opportunities to grow my professional skills and make a difference in the lives of the people I work with."

She Makes It to Clayton's Top 12

There's a chance she could go home on a two-on-one date that literally just happened. Reality Steve reports that Shanae and a contestant named Genevieve Parisi were on the date—and, as any Bachelor Nation fans know all too well, two-on-ones typically involve one contestant (if not both) going home.

Anyway, there are multiple videos of the date, so enjoy being spoiled!

FYI that Reality Steve also posted a note about Shanae's "villain" status, saying, "Why Shanae is the villain and the things she did will be shared later. Lets just say there are a few who emailed me pre-filming that won’t be surprised by this news. This isn’t hate. This isn’t 'go attack Shanae' now. Every season has a villain. She’s this season's."

That's all we have on Shanae for now, but we'll be updating this with more info as it emerges—including Shanae's official ABC bio, which will feature her "likes and dislikes," what she's looking for in a relationship, and some sure-to-be-random facts.

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