Instagram’s Silky Feelings Brings Creatives Inspiration and Education In Droves

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Initially starting out as a content curation platform, Silky Feelings began as a place to share works of art that bring inspiration to other creatives such as painters, designers, and photographers. Whether it’s a painting, a fine piece of photography, architecture, interiors, fashion, or music, as long as it was inspirational, Silky Feelings displayed it front and center through its Instagram account.

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The images that pervade Silky Feelings emulate a sort of passion. There is a rich feeling of texture in every image bringing together a sexy and mysterious vibe with a perfect blend of the French and Australian aesthetic. Beneath the surface, Silky Feelings is more than just an aesthetic account. With each post, it tries to incorporate more information-based content by sharing some of the trendiest works of art.

Silky Feelings offers a refreshing atmosphere to its audience while also educating them about what’s trendy within the creative culture of the world today. Much like a digital magazine, Silky Feelings crafts a narrative through sheer visual storytelling. Each image is carefully curated with a certain sense of style, mood, and theme that it wishes to convey.

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Silky Feelings is for all the creatives and free spirits out there. It is a place where creatives seek refuge and inspiration amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. The account has evolved past its original purpose; rather than just being a casual mood board for inspiration, it has now become a more cohesive and unique experience.

Through countless images, Silky Feelings developed an identity of its own, breathing life into the images as equal parts of the whole. Silky Feelings is a platform to discover new, cool, trendy artworks from a variety of creative disciplines such as photography, fashion, architecture, and many more.

There’s just a calm sense of visual acuity that only Silky Feelings can bring. Audiences have described that they really love the whole aesthetic of the account and the whole vibe it gives off. It almost feels like it has an ASMR effect to it, calming the senses and taking audiences to a whole new world where creativity knows no limits.

Silky Feelings continues to grow in its scale and creativity to this very day. Each post seemingly becomes better than the next because it adds to the beauty of the brand as an entirety. Every image tells a story that fits in the bigger picture of what Silky Feelings is about, making it evolve with time and with every new viewer.

Such is the nature of beautiful art; it cannot be defined by a singular thing. It speaks volumes, and it is precise, yet in all its preciseness, it cannot be simply defined as such. Silky Feelings is a beautiful piece of art, one that is constantly evolving and one that is constantly being understood and felt deeply in the eyes of its many viewers. It is an experience all on its own, it is universal, yet it is deeply personal.

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