Is Instagram Planning To Remove Read Receipts In DMs?

Keeping up with a multitude of people on social media is daunting, especially when you’re constantly being chased by ‘read receipts’. While most apps grant you the privilege of hiding read receipts, Instagram has no such option yet. However, the Meta-owned platform has finally decided to give in to users’ feedback and test a new feature that’ll allow people to turn off the ‘seen’ message when they open a Instagram DM.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram head Adam Mosseri took to their broadcast channels on the app and announced the beta version of this feature. Mosseri further shared a visual of how this feature will work. If this long-requested feature rolls out, many of us can ‘seen zone’ others guilt-free and enjoy our peace of mind. Isn’t that great?

Instagram planning to turn off read receipts for DMs

In a message on his broadcast channel, Mosseri wrote, “We heard your feedback and have started testing a new feature that lets you turn read receipts off in your DMs. Soon, people will be able to choose when to let others see when they’ve read their messages.”

“If you’re someone who leaves people on read: your day has come,” Mark Zuckerberg mentioned.

The option will be available under the ‘Privacy and Safety’ tab, which is accessible by clicking on the person’s name from inside the chat. A new section of ‘Who can see your activity’ will be added, under which there will be a ‘Read Receipts’ option. Just switch on the toggle and all your read receipts will become private thereafter.

read receipts
Image credit: Meta

While there’s no information on when this option will be available, we’re hoping it will happen soon!

Please note that this feature will not affect any messages being sent in ‘vanish mode’. The ‘vanish mode’ texts (those designed to disappear after being shown), will always show read receipts irrespective of the setting.

What do you think of this potential update?


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