Gisele Bündchen Says Her Divorce From Tom Brady Is “Not What I Dreamed Of”

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National Football League star quarterback Tom Brady and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Gisele Bündchen were in a fiery, whirlwind romance for well over a decade.

Brady and Bündchen, who became a couple in 2007, raised a tight-knit family over the course of their relationship, supporting one another publicly and candidly in both their professional and personal endeavors. For better or worse, their romance was tied to Brady’s involvement with the NFL—with Bündchen having continually made extensive personal sacrifices over the years on behalf of her husband’s football career.

Despite the pair’s longevity, Brady’s back-and-forth decisions surrounding whether or not he was ready to retire from the NFL reportedly put a strain on his relationship with Bündchen. Though he did finally retire in February of this year, seemingly for good, it came too late—the couple had announced their divorce in late 2022.

Ahead, see all the highlights from Bündchen and Brady’s relationship—from their blind first date in late 2006, to their marriage, to their divorce and all the subsequent developments.

September 24, 2023: Gisele reflects on their separation.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the model discusses her divorce from Brady once again. “I mean, it’s not what I dreamed of and what I hoped for,” Bündchen says. “My parents have been married for 50 years, and I really wanted that to happen. But I think you have to accept, you know, sometimes that the way you are in your 20s, it’s sometimes you grow together, sometimes you grow apart.”

Still, Bündchen says she has no regrets about her life and will always want good things for her ex. “He’s the father of my kids,” she says. “So I always wish him the best, and I’m so grateful that he gave me wonderful children, and I think, you know, when a door shuts, other doors open.”

August 8, 2023: Gisele discusses how she got through the split.

In an interview with Vogue Brasil, Bündchen opens up about how she kept a positive mindset immediately following her divorce from Brady.

“I’ve always believed that every situation, no matter how challenging, teaches us something and helps us grow,” she tells the magazine. But despite that, she adds, “Breakups are never easy, especially when the media is speculating every step of the way.”

Bündchen says what helped her get through it was focusing her energy on other, more positive things that make her feel good. “I tried to focus on my children, my health and my projects and dreams,” she says.

June 2, 2023: Tom discusses co-parenting plans for the summer.

Brady opens up to People about his and Bündchen’s co-parenting plans for the summer. He says that their two kids are “going with their mom for a couple of weeks to Brazil” and later on holiday with him to Europe.

“They got lots of good plans,” he says. “These kids have a really good summer lined up.”

May 22, 2023: Gisele gives an update on their family life.

Bündchen and Brady’s kids “are loving Miami,” the model tells People in a new interview. Around the time of her divorce from the football star, Bündchen bought a mansion in the city; meanwhile, Brady has residences in both Miami and Tampa. Having agreed on custody of their two kids—Benjamin, 13,and Vivian, 10—upon their split, the exes now amicably co-parent in Florida.

March 22, 2023: Gisele emotionally opens up about the split.

The model gets candid about her split from Brady, five months after their separation. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she likens the experience to “a death and a rebirth” and says she’s mourning “the death of my dream.”

“It’s tough because you imagine your life was going to be a certain way, and you did everything you could, you know?” she says. “I believed in fairy tales when I was a kid. I think it’s beautiful to believe in that. I mean, I’m so grateful I did.”

“You give everything you got to achieve your dream,” the model adds. “You give a hundred percent of yourself, and it’s heartbreaking when it doesn’t end up the way you hoped for, and worked for, but you can only do your part.”

Bündchen additionally shuts down claims that the split was caused by Brady’s refusal to retire from the NFL—deeming the allegations “very hurtful” and “the craziest thing I’ve ever heard”—and clarifies that the reason they decided to divorce is because they grew apart.

“When I was 26 years old and he was 29 years old, we met, we wanted a family, we wanted things together,” Bündchen says of their timeline. “As time goes by, we realize that we just wanted different things, and now we have a choice to make. That doesn’t mean you don’t love the person. It just means that in order for you to be authentic and truly live the life that you want to live, you have to have somebody who can meet you in the middle, right? It’s a dance. It’s a balance.”

She also touches on her and Brady’s current relationship.

“If there’s one person I want to be the happiest in the world, it’s him, believe me,” the model says. “I want him to achieve and to conquer. I want all his dreams to come true. That’s what I want, really, from the bottom of my heart.”

February 2, 2023: Gisele is “sincerely happy“ for her ex.

The supermodel has no negative feelings about her ex-husband and is “sincerely happy” for him following his decision to retire from football, a source close to her tells People.

“Gisele moved on with her life quite a while ago and is happy about whatever Tom chooses to do with his life now,” the insider says, adding that “the welfare and happiness of the children” remain her top priority.

Despite their separation, “Bündchen wishes him well now and in the future” and “is fine with his decisions but is not involved with them.” These days, Bündchen is returning to modeling and is “extremely busy in her career and life” and “optimistic about her future,” the source says.

February 1, 2023: Tom announces his retirement from the NFL.

Brady reveals he’s leaving football—“for good” this time. The athlete shares an emotional video on Instagram announcing the news and thanking his friends, teammates, coaches, family members, and fans for their support though the years.

“Thank you, guys, for allowing me to live my absolute dream. I wouldn’t change a thing. Love you all,” the quarterback, who played 23 seasons in the NFL, says.

In his Instagram slideshow, Brady includes photos of ex Bündchen and their children, and in turn, she likes the post and leaves a supportive comment.

“Wishing you only wonderful things in this new chapter of your life 🙏🏼,” she wrote.

Though Brady’s former refusal to retire from football was allegedly one of the many reasons he and the model split, a source tells People that it was “far from the only issue.”

November 15, 2022: Tom removes his ex from his Twitter picture.

The football star has changed his Twitter header photo, marking his new bachelor era. The header used to be a photo of him and Bündchen standing in front of a sunset with their two kids, Benjamin and Vivian Lake, and the athlete’s older son, Jack. But Brady has since replaced it with a photo of himself from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

tom brady twitter
Tom Brady/Twitter

He has also changed his profile photo, swapping out a shot of himself with red, laserlike eyes for a design of a Roman sculpture–inspired bust bearing his likeness.

tom brady twitter
Tom Brady/Twitter

Still, his bio remains the same. “Family and Football,” it reads.

November 4, 2022: The former couple will give their kids “full access” to both parents.

Brady and Bündchen may have ended their romantic union, but they are still committed to raising their kids in the best way they know how.

When they finalized their divorce and custody agreement last Friday, the former couple agreed that their kids, Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9, will continue to have “full access to both [parents], whenever they want,” a source close to the NFL star tells People.

“They can see whichever parent they want. They’ve got a schedule, but neither of them would prevent their kids from seeing the other parent,” the source continues. “That’s not who either of them are.”

The insider says the exes are “not vindictive like that” and would never use their kids as “pawns” amid their divorce.

“They’re going to be loved and cherished by both parents,” the source adds.

November 3, 2022: Reports detail the former couple’s prenup.

Bündchen and Brady's quick divorce and custody settlement may have surprised many, but according to a new report, the reason it was so simple for the former couple to legally end their marriage is because they had a solid prenup all along.

A source tells Page Six, “There was an ironclad prenup set down before they married in 2009. They both have their own separate business entities, so the separation of their wealth wasn’t that complicated in the end. The only other major factor was dividing up their massive property portfolio.”

Brady is worth about $333 million, while Bündchen is reportedly worth about $400 million.

The football star will likely keep their $17 million mansion currently under construction on the ritzy Indian Creek Island in Miami. The model, meanwhile, is said to have purchased two other homes in Miami for herself.

October 31, 2022: Tom discusses divorce in first interview post-split.

On Monday’s episode of his SiriusXM show, Let's Go!, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback discusses the status of his and Bündchen’s relationship following their Friday divorce and reveals his current priorities.

“I’m really focused on two things: taking care of my family and certainly my children, and secondly, doing the best job I can to win football games,” he says, adding that the situation with his ex-wife of 13 years is “very amicable.”

He also hints on last week’s show episode that an “immediate retirement” from football is no longer in his future.

October 31, 2022: Gisele is doing fine amid divorce proceedings.

The supermodel is taking divorce proceedings in stride, per a source close to the couple.

The insider tells People that while Bündchen initially struggled with the split, “enough time has passed that she is settling in” and “dealing with issues that have been plaguing her for a long time.”

Bündchen has “lived her own life for years while Tom played football so she is not afraid to do things by herself,” the source also says, adding that the model’s “main focus and priority” has always been their children. “Gisele is great with her children and radiates happiness when either one or both are around,” the insider says.

October 28, 2022: They confirm their divorce.

After weeks of growing speculation, People confirms that the pair are arranging to split for good. “The settlement is all worked out,” the source tells the outlet. “They’ve been working on the terms this whole time.”

The two ended up filing and finalizing their divorce on the same day, and agreed on joint custody of their two kids.

The former couple also gave individual statements regarding the split, which they shared via Instagram story.

Bündchen wrote, “With much gratitude for our time together, Tom and I have amicably finalized our divorce. My priority has always been and will continue to be our children whom I love with all my heart. We will continue co-parenting to give them the love, care and attention they greatly deserve. The decision to end a marriage is never easy but we have grown apart and while it is, of course, difficult to go through something like this, I feel blessed for the time we had together and only wish the best for Tom always.”

Brady wrote, “We arrived at this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together. We are blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way. We will continue to work together as parents to always ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve. We arrived at this decision to end our marriage after much consideration.”

“We wish only the best for each other as we pursue whatever new chapters in our lives that are yet to be written,” he added.

October 4, 2022: Gisele is spotted without her wedding ring.

Paparazzi photos of Bündchen out and about in Miami, published by Entertainment Tonight, show the supermodel without her wedding ring. During the public outing, she was accompanied by her kids, 12-year-old Benjamin and nine-year-old Vivian. In the photo, she is seen wearing a white tank top and gray sweatpants.

The appearance comes amid growing speculation that she and Brady are headed toward divorce.

“Rumblings of marital issues between Tom and Gisele began towards the end of the summer, and more recently, things have gotten worse and more serious,” a source told ET. “They haven’t been in a good place. Gisele feels like Tom has chosen his career over his family and she is tired of it. She also has her own dreams and aspirations and doesn’t want to have to keep putting her goals on hold. They are weighing their options for their future as a family and thinking about what next steps might look like.”

October 4, 2022: They reportedly hire divorce attorneys.

Following multiple reports citing serious relationship rifts, Page Six sources confirm that the two have taken the step to hire divorce attorneys. “I don’t think there will be any coming back now,” a source tells the outlet. “They both have lawyers and are looking at what a split will entail, who gets what and what the finances will be.”

Per additional sources, the two would likely share joint custody of their son and daughter, as both have been heavily involved in their children’s lives.

September 16, 2022: They spend time apart.

The couple reportedly part ways for six weeks to process tensions from their relationship— namely, those escalated by Brady’s return to the NFL. “There’s been trouble in the marriage over his decision to un-retire. Gisele has always been the one with the kids,” an insider tells Page Six. “They had agreed he would retire to focus on the family, then he changed his mind.”

“Gisele is busy with her own life now, and has spent time away from Tom in Miami and New York,” a source tells People.

September 14, 2022: Tom retires again to focus on marital and familial obligations.

The star athlete is reportedly retiring once again after his 23rd season to “smooth things over” with Bündchen, who has been openly dissatisfied with Brady’s un-retirement from the NFL for the toll it’s taken on their family life.

Brady is aware that “this is his last season if he wants to stay married,” says a People insider, who adds, “She doesn’t hate that he’s playing football, but she sure hates the way he handled the retirement and coming back.”

The source continues, “All he can do is make this season count, spend time with his family whenever he can, and then retire at the end of the season.”

“From a family standpoint, these are critical years,” another insider tells People. “The kids are getting older, Ben is 12 now, and Gisele feels like Tom needs to be home.”

September 13, 2022: Gisele expresses new concerns surrounding Tom's return to the NFL.

Speaking for ELLE’s October issue, the supermodel gets real about her qualms surrounding Brady’s un-retirement, despite initially supporting the decision publicly. In the interview, she expresses her beliefs in both the necessity for her and Brady to step back from their professional and personal lives to focus on their kids, as well as the sexism entailed in certain reports citing excessively selfish incentives behind her ultimate preference for Brady's retirement.

“Obviously, I have my concerns—this is a very violent sport, and I have my children and I would like him to be more present,” Bündchen tells the magazine. At the same time, she says she cares deeply about his happiness and supports him in doing what ultimately makes him the most fulfilled. “I feel that everybody has to make a decision that works for [them],” she adds. “He needs to follow his joy, too.”

Her concerns center on establishing a more equal give-and-take in their relationship. “I’ve done my part, which is [to] be there for [Tom]," Bündchen says. “I moved to Boston, and I focused on creating a cocoon and a loving environment for my children to grow up in and to be there supporting him and his dreams.”

She adds, “I’m so grateful to have been there in those moments that were really shaping who they are as people,” and later says, “I feel very fulfilled in that way, as a mother and as a wife.”

March 13, 2022: Tom un-retires with Gisele’s initial support.

Shortly after his viral retirement post, the quarterback announces that he has reneged on his decision to leave the sport and will be returning to the NFL. “These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands,” he writes on Twitter. ‘That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa. Unfinished business LFG.”

Bündchen openly supports his decision at the time, responding, “Here we go again! Let’s go lovvvey! Let’s go Bucs!”

But Bündchen is later found uncharacteristically absent from Brady’s first game of the season in September, despite supporting him online. And her absence follows Brady’s 11-day omission from training earlier in August, spurring the initial rumors of a potential new relationship rift.

February 1, 2022: Tom announces his retirement from the NFL.

Brady drops the big news that he has decided to retire from the NFL after 22 seasons—saying in a statement posted to Instagram that he is “not going to make that competitive commitment anymore,” and adding, “It is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention.”

Bündchen later shares a heartfelt note to the athlete on Instagram, alongside a carousel of photos featuring highlights from his career. “What a ride @tombrady! So many memories!” she writes on the post. “When I met you over 15 years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about football. But cheering for you and seeing you do what you love most made me learn about this wonderful game to the point that I seriously believed I knew more than the referees! We always had a special champions playlist for every drive on our way to the game. As a family, we always prayed for you, celebrated and supported you in every game, cheered every win and suffered with every loss.”

“I couldn't do it without your love and support!” Brady responds in the comments. “You make everyday of my life brighter and more fun and you challenge me to be my best in every aspect of my life. You are my biggest supporter and I love you more than anything in this world ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

October 31, 2021: They celebrate Halloween (and football) as a family.

In celebration of Brady’s new team (following his exit from the New England Patriots back in March 2020), the pair dress up as the Tampa Bay Pirates alongside their children in adorable coordinated costumes.

“Hope you all had a great Halloween!” Bündchen writes alongside a family group photo for the occasion. “Arrr from the Tampa Bay pirates!!! 🏴☠️ ❤️”

Brady comments, “My favorite Pirates in the universe ‼️‼️‼️😍😍😍”

October 26, 2021: Tom acknowledges Gisele’s support.

In an episode of his Let Go! podcast, the athlete expresses his gratitude for his wife’s unwavering support and immense personal sacrifice to “hold down the house” for their family.

“I think there’s things that she wants to accomplish,” Brady says in the episode. “She hasn’t worked as much in the last 10, 12 years—just raising our family and kind of committing to being in a life in Boston, and then moving to Florida.”

February 14, 2020: They call each other “forever Valentine.”

The two commemorate one another on Valentine’s Day with affectionate, heartfelt posts on social media. The athlete shares a sweet selfie of the two in cozy outfits on Twitter. “My forever Valentine ❤️,” he writes.

Bündchen shares her own selfie on Instagram of the two of them from the same day. “My forever Valentine,” she writes. “Te amo! Wishing you all a happy Valentine's Day ❤️❤️❤️.”

November 10, 2019: Gisele calls Tom her “cozy blanket.”

The Brazilian supermodel appears to be doing just fine while supporting her athlete husband in the New England cold.

The model shares a sweet photo on Instagram of her embracing Brady affectionately while buried underneath his jacket. “My friends always ask me as a brazilian how do I survive the New England cold,” Bündchen writes. “I have a really cozy @tombrady blanket. ❤️”

February 26, 2019: They commemorate their 10th anniversary.

Bündchen celebrates a decade of romance with Brady via a heartfelt post on Instagram featuring never-before-seen photos of the two from their wedding day.

“I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years since we’ve chosen to walk this life together... and what incredible 10 years we've had!” the supermodel writes. “There is nothing that I love more in this world than you and our family. Thank you for being on this journey with me and for doing the work that it takes to make it so special. May we continue growing together, walking side by side supporting and loving one another for many many years to come. Te amo tanto.”

February 21, 2019: Tom gushes over Gisele’s environmental activism.

Brady accompanies Bündchen to the 2019 Hollywood for Science Gala in Los Angeles, where her work in environmental activism is honored.

2019 hollywood for science gala arrivals
Steve Granitz - Getty Images

“She’s inspiring me in so many ways,” Brady says at the event. “It’s really special for her, and I love that she’s here celebrating.”

April 8, 2018: Tom opens up about relationship struggles with Gisele.

After several years of laying low, the quarterback gets candid with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show about his relationship struggles with Bündchen—admitting that her dissatisfaction with his role (or lack thereof) in certain family matters has become a theme in their marriage.

“A couple of years ago, she didn’t feel like I was doing my part for the family,” the quarterback says. “She felt like I would play football all season and she would take care of the house, and then all of a sudden when the season ended, I’d be like, ‘Great, let me get into all of my other business activities. Let me get into my football training,’ and she’s sitting there going, ‘Well when are you going to do things for the house? When are you going to take the kids to school and do that?’”

Brady adds that Bündchen’s concerns were a necessary wake-up call for him. “I had to, like, check myself because she was like, ‘I have goals and dreams too.’”

September 2015: They deny divorce rumors.

Brady undermines rumors alleging that he and Bündchen have been facing strain in their relationship (and are possibly headed for a divorce) in the aftermath of the “Deflategate” controversy, in which Brady was accused of cheating his way to the Patriots’ win against the Indianapolis Colts during the 2014 AFC Championship game in January 2015.

“We’re in a great place, I’ll just say that,” Brady says on Boston radio station WEEI. “I’m a lucky man. I’ve been very blessed with support from my family and certainly her, and there’s no bigger supporter that I have than her and vice versa. I’ve been very blessed to have an incredible relationship with my life partner, and I don’t think anything will ever get in the way of that.”

Affirming Brady’s claims, a source also tells People that he and Bündchen have been “living their life” and “doing great,” and adds that “[Bündchen is] being a supportive wife—just like anybody whose husband would be going through something like this.”

December 5, 2012: They welcome their second child.

Bündchen gives birth to her second child and first daughter, Vivian Lake Brady. “We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” the supermodel writes on her Facebook page.

December 8, 2009: They welcome their first child.

Bündchen and Brady welcome their first child, Benjamin Rein Brady, in an at-home birth, which Brady deems to USA Today a “wonderful experience in [his] life” in which he admittedly “didn’t get much sleep.”

“Me being there with G at his birth in our home, it lives in my mind,” Brady also says in an episode of ESPN+’s Man in the Arena series. “I think we brought this boy into the world in the most precious way.”

February 26, 2009: They wed.

Just one month after their engagement, the two officially tie the knot in a private ceremony at St. Monica Catholic Church in California, followed by a second ceremony in April at Bündchen’s private residence in Costa Rica.

Bündchen first reveals photos from the initial ceremony in a post commemorating their ninth anniversary.

May 2008: They take their first Met Gala.

The two debut the Met Gala carpet as an item, aptly looking like a power couple for the year’s “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” theme.

<span class="photo-credit">Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images</span>
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

January 2007: They become official.

People sources confirm that the two have been dating since “just before Christmas” after Bündchen was spotted waiting for Brady outside the locker rooms after a game earlier that month.

December 2006: They meet on a blind date.

The two first cross paths thanks to a blind date set up by their mutual friends. “I think the one phone call that changed my life was my friend Ed, who called me one day and he said, ‘I have this girl and I think you should call her,’” Brady later recalls in an interview for WSJ. Magazine’s men’s fall fashion issue. “I ended up calling her and it ended up being the love of my life.”

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