Inkas’ New Bulletproof Land Rover Defender Can Also Withstand Grenade Explosions

The 2023 Land Rover Defender is already tough as nails, but Inkas has decided to make it stronger still.

The Canadian security firm has just unveiled an armored version of the legendary SUV designed to handle pretty much anything the world throws at it. The luxury off-roader has been outfitted with Inkas’ signature armoring that has been meticulously engineered to match the iconic, boxy exterior. The lightweight armor also provides undetectable 360-degree, full-perimeter protection, according to the firm.

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“Renowned for its high-quality workmanship, Inkas has taken great pride in seamlessly armoring the Land Rover Defender to be indistinguishable from the OEM model—a critical security measure that is essential to providing discreet protection to our VIP clients,” Margarita Simkin, cofounder and chairwoman of Inkas, said in a statement.

Inkas Armored 2023 Land Rover Defender
The rear of the Defender.

The near-impenetrable four-wheeler offers a ballistic protection level of CEN 1063 BR6—the second highest offered by the company—which means it can take fire from a high-powered assault rifle with 7.62 mm bullets. Due to its reinforced undercarriage, the car can also withstand the explosion of up to two DM51 hand grenades detonated simultaneously underneath it.

In addition, the hulking five-seater is equipped with runflat tires and bulletproof glass. It can be tricked out even further with cabin oxygen filtration, fire suppression systems, and emergency siren/PA packages.

Inkas Armored 2023 Land Rover Defender
The Defender’s cabin.

Even with all the added weight, the Defender handles well thanks to upgraded suspension and brakes. Indeed, Inkas says you can expect an “impeccably smooth ride” even through rugged terrain. Under the hood, the SUV retains its supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 that delivers 518 horses and 461 ft lbs of twist.

As you might expect, all that protection comes at a cost. The armored Defender starts at $290,000, but prices vary depending on features and options. Inkas says it can ship the car to any major seaport around the world. It can even deliver it via plane if you so wish. Hell, why not?

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Inkas Armored 2023 Land Rover Defender
Inkas Armored 2023 Land Rover Defender

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